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The glamour and the exhilarating lifestyle is the signature of Krishnamrutam Communications. The company excels in providing solutions in the field of advertising, brand image building, PR and corporate communications. The new extension, is a unit of Krishnamrutam Communications, founded in the year 1994. is not just another modelling and fashion e-magazine, it is a true endeavour for the aspirants and the ones for whom fashion is a passion. is not here for the gossip but to heat up the landscape of Fun ... Fashion ... Films ... n � Fame. is a bridge to promote the aspiring models across the country. Through our publication, we intend to bring the hidden talent to the forefront and present it to the masters in the fashion and film industry. In due course of time, we intend to spread all over so that we can revolutionise the industry with the advent of hereto unexplored talent.

The Vision

The solution emerged as a state of the art modelling and fashion e-magazine called; a dynamic portal called and the periodic holding of beauty pageants in search of hereby unexplored talent across the country. An exhaustive exercise as such which is underway at the micro and macro level has seldom been seen before. It is the endeavor of ( a unit of Krishnamrutam Communications) to successfully provide an integrated platform for the launch of aspirants into the realm of modelling (fashion, commercial, specialty), theater, television and films. In pursuit, there will be close interaction of these aspirants with scions of acting institutes, advertising agencies, beauticians, stylists, choreographers, fashion designers; modelling, television, theatre, video and film personalities. This will benefit all concerned since the massive talent in this country is yet unexplored.

Readership of this e-magazine is unquestionably the niche market of all attached with this vast industry and the target readership is the upper middle class and the elite.



Want to know what�s going in Indian fashion world? Find out the latest and current updates of Indian fashion news. is the leading online modelling magazine that covers the entire news of fashion world like no other magazine. We wrap all the major info of faction-ridden and highly competitive fashion industry of India., India�s premier lifestyle and fashion magazine which gives an insider�s view of the happening and buzz of the lifestyle and fashion segment in India. Recognizing prominent talents, its primary objective is to present a cohesive platform for Indian designers and act as the representative of the industry at all significant platforms, in a bid to endorse Indian fashion.


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